School is Back in Session!

It’s been quite a winter break. Wisconsin is insane. We are currently at -28 degrees with wind chill. It’s super cold and I wish I knew how to drive and had a car. Rain, sleet, or snow I will be in class. That should go on my resume. It’s about a fifteen-minute walk.

During winter break I took a 1 credit course which took up two of the three weeks. The third week was spent in mourning. A beloved co-worker committed suicide. As a survivor from suicidal behavior it hit me pretty hard. It turns out I actually got my suicide awareness ribbon tattoo on the day it happened. That is why I am so proud of this art form. That tattoo is going to mean a lot to me. I was pretty upset for a couple days, but after the funeral I felt closure and was much more at ease with the situation.

School is back in swing. I’m enrolled in full-time status. I’ll be learning how to build computers, how to use Macs, and I have other classes as well. The BPA chapter is less than a month away from our State Leadership Conference. It’s time to hit the textbooks and help prepare that conference as it is hosted by our school again!



Survived an 8-hour work day with a fresh leg tattoo. I am proud to say I have a suicide awareness ribbon on it. I also have a music clef heart near my heart. 

Getting the ribbon was surreal. I started to tear up at one point. Not because of the pain but the reasoning. I didn’t want to get that tattoo until I knew it was behind me. It felt great to see closure on old thoughts and habits. I talked to the artist about it a little bit. I think that ribbon is the most meaningful piece of art on my body.